Project details

This Blog helps people who have just got diagnosed with serious sicknesses like cancer. If you wish, I will give you as a patient, your family and friends, advice on how to handle difficult situations you will be facing with the illness.

My vision is for a global health network including the recovery of our planet and nature. This is so urgently needed in these times today. “Climate change” is the headline everywhere now and peace between political fronts is still a big dilemma as it has always been in history.

My project involves:

  • Advice for patients, families and friends on how to handle many of the difficult situations you will be facing with the illness.
  • Personal far distance Reiki treatments. I am a certified Reiki master. For treatments, please let me know over E-Mail.
  • Meditations for our planet, nature and peace on earth.
  • Seminars in different cities to give motivational talks on my behalf to help people diagnosed with cancer.
  • Book project

There will be a general Donation program with support type “Project 10, 20, 50, 100, 500”. There you will help to support the whole project in general with your donation.