About me

Mirjam Coleman

My cancer journey

When I was 41 years old I got diagnosed with cancer. This was an absolute disaster to me as before this I was never really sick in my life. Up to that point I lived my dream life. I travelled to many countries, mainly North, Central and South America, but as well in parts of Asia. I worked as a Yoga teacher in the USA and in Mexico City and had about 600 students I was teaching.

I was born in Switzerland, grew up in an orphanage and ended up making an apprenticeship in the famous Swiss bank UBS. But soon I realized that this business world was not my real and final destiny. I wanted to know about the world outside of Switzerland, started to travel a lot and made three different teacher trainings in different Yoga directions.

For a while I lived in a monastery in Nepal where I just meditated and was practicing “Mauna” (Silence) where you are not talking at all for days to be able to listen to your mind. This was one of the most educational and influential times for me in my life. I am still very touched by this experience.

The diagnoses of cancer changed my whole life. I had to go through chemotherapy and cancer radiation four times, followed by several surgeries, two near death experiences where I was already entering the afterlife and came back twice. Doctors told me 3 years ago that I have at most 2 months more to live, but I am still here alive. I believe that several spiritual techniques that I learned and practice to this day are responsible for this miracle.

I came back to Earth to be able to help other people with the kind of diagnoses where you have to face death. But healing and a better perspective of the illness is possible if you believe in it. I am living now for 8 years with my diagnoses; with up and downs, but I am still growing tremendously, both mentally and spiritually. The more I connect with my inner self, the more doors and opportunities open to me. This goes together with a happiness beyond words.