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Welcome to my new Blog

I am very excited to introduce you to what it is all about. As the name itself already says my site will be all about HEALING. To heal as human beings in each cell of our bodies, hearts and minds. This Blog will be especially for people with serious diagnoses of cancer.

My vision is for a global health network including the recovery of our planet and nature. This is so urgently needed in these times today. “Climate change” is the headline everywhere now and peace between political fronts is still a big dilemma as it has always been in history.

We are born into a time frame of existence which is challenging for all of us. The first and second world wars were big disasters and shocks to the world. 60 million people died. But are we really living in such a better world 74 years later? Our planet has become fast and rushed. There is no time really left for introspection; to slow down or to just go back to our natural senses and intuition. Money rules the world.

Millions of dollars are wasted on nonsense actions in politics while many people are dying or are living a life in poverty. It has become common to think that each human being has to struggle alone in the world. Why not help each other along the way? How many people are dying today from cancer or other serious illnesses?

Every year 12,7 million humans get diagnosed with cancer from which 7,6 million die every year. Isn’t that statistic shocking? As I learned from my own experience most people get diagnosed with cancer because of a psychological source or because their whole body system is not adapting to the lifestyles we maintain today.

I myself got diagnosed with cancer 8 years ago in 2011. Doctors told me that if I still would live for another 5 years it would turn out to be a miracle. Then in 2016 they told me that I will die in 2 months as my cancer had spread to all the bones in my whole skeleton.

But I am still alive, doing really great right now, and want to give other people advice on what can be done when you get a diagnoses like this from the medical side.